The purpose of this course is to discuss the foundations of dance. You will use this foundation as a springboard for creating your own choreographed dances. This is a performance class.

The Drama rotation is one-fourth of the complete Arts and Humanities course.  Students learn about principles of acting and theater, read plays ranging from a Greek tragedy to Shaw's Pygmalion. 

More people are fearful of public speaking than death.  Do NOT let fear prevent you from being comfortable speaking in a public forum.  This course allows students to experience public speaking in a comfortable environment.  In addition to making speeches, students will also learn debating techniques and oral interpretation of literature. So get over your fear and join me for a fun and interesting course that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

This course covers all the basics of the theatrical world. Students will explore acting, technical theatre, theatre as a literary form and the historical impact of drama.  Students will gain hands-on experience through a variety of activities.